- Aether II

- Advent of Ascension

- Atum

- Biomes O'  Plenty

- Blood Magic

- Buildcraft

- Carpenters Blocks

- Crafting Guide

- Crystal Wing

- Damage Indicators

- Dynamic Lights

- Enhanced Biomes

- Infernal Mobs

- Inventory Tweaks

- GalacticCraft

- Grave Stones

- Mo's Creatures

- Minions

- Metallurgy

- More Enchantments

- Mystcraft

- Magic Yarn

- Meteors

- Not Enough Items (NEI)

- Ruins

- Stalker Creepers

- Thaumcraft

- Too Many Items (TMI)

- Twilight Forest Mod

- Wild Caves 3

- Zans Minimap

If there are more mods that you can confirm then please let me know, and obviously if there are mods that conflict with mine then please let me know as soon as you can.

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