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Dimension Blocks (from left to right Porphyry, Slate, Bauxite, Mossy Bauxite, Laterite Grass, Laterite Dirt)

Dimension Blocks are the blocks used to generate the Soul Forest Dimension. Like grass, dirt and stone in the overworld. These blocks are NOT used to create the portal to the Soul Forest Dimension.

Dimension BlocksEdit

Some dimension blocks are used in a specific biome, others like Porphyry can be found in every biome.

The following blocks are used in all of the Soul Forest Biomes:

  • Porphyry is the stone block of the Soul Forest Dimension.
  • Slate is the sub-stone block of the Soul Forest Dimension.
  • Bauxite is a sub-stone block of the Soul Forest Dimension.
  • Mossy Bauxite is a (not yet used) type of stone in the Soul Forest Dimension.

Then we have the biome specific blocks:

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