Found in Peat Bog
Health 80 (Heartx40)
Damage 20 (Heartx10)
Damage type Melee
Drops 0-2 Strength Shard(s)
Rare drops Titanium Uncut, Onyx Uncut, Black Diamond uncut, Strength Shard
Drop chance 25%
Special Passive untill provoked.
 The Groundhog is a big low to the ground creature that can be found in the Soul Forest Dimension .


The Groundhog only spawns in the Peat Bog Biome They spawn in big groups of 4.


This mob is like the Zombie Pigmen, it only attacks when provoked. Be carefull when to engage this mob with armor lower then Steel Armor or Cobalt Armor , because death comes easy fighting these mobs as they come in large groups once provoked.

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