Ice Fairy
Found in Frost Caves, Frozen Plains
Health 10 (Heartx5)
Damage 30 (Heartx15)
Damage type Melee
Drops Polisher Towel
Rare drops Frozen Rod(3), Frost Shard(0-4), Frost Shard(1)
Drop chance 25%
Special Looks passive, random attacks.

The Ice Fairy is a bat-like creature that can be found in the Soul Forest Dimension.


The Ice Fairy only spawns in the Frost Caves biome, but it will not be alone, there will be many of them flying around.


This mob is hostile, even though it might just fly around you it can simply come at you at any given time. The Ice Fairy has a damage output of 10(x5) and is really difficult to hit (as it is super small and flying around like a bat). The ice fairy doesn't have much health though so one hit should kill it. Its health is 6(x3)

Upon slain it will drop a Polisher Towel. It also has a rare chance of dropping 3 Frozen Rods or 1-4 Frost Shards.

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