Laterite Grass and Dirt

Laterite Grass (left) & Laterite Dirt (right)

Laterite Grass is one of the grass blocks added by the Soul Forest Mod. It acts like a normal grass block but is a much stronger block. When placed near a Laterite Dirt block it wil eventually spread onto those dirt blocks. The block is a red coloured dirt/gravel block covered in green/yellow coloured grass. When the block is destroyed a Laterite Dirt block will be obtained. The block can be destroyed with any shovel, but it is advised to use a Steel or Cobalt shovel or better to harvest it a bit faster.


The Laterite Grass is the grass block of the Soul Forest biome. It will spawn from halfway the biome upwards.


On top of Laterite Grass vanilla flowers & plants can't be placed. The plants that can currently be placed, which are added by the Soul Forest Mod, are the Cantaloupe Flower and the Grape Sappling.

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