Raspberry Vine

Raspberry Vine

Raspberry Vine is one of the vines added by the Soul Forest Mod. It is a vine that contains cranberries which have a light pink colour. The Raspberry Vine, as all the other vines, isn't climable.


To harvest all of the vines you will need a berrycollector.

Crafting RecipeEdit

The most important recipe for most of the vines, is the crafting of a Bushel. You can craft a Raspberry Bushel with 9x Raspberry Vines. Once you've got the bushel, you can't re-claim the vines.

The main purpose of the vines, is the crafting of the newly added food-types by the Soul Forest Mod. You can't craft the vines directly into food, you will first need to craft the vines into bushels as described above.

With Raspberry Bushel you can create a Razzberry Pie and a Raspberry Juice.

Indirectly you can also craft Strawberry Pie with Raspberry Bushels, but you would have to craft the bushels into Raspberry Juice first.


The Raspberry Vine can be used as a farming material, if you would make a big "vine-farm" you can easily harvest more then enough of this vine to make a lot of Razzberry Pies, Raspberry Juices and Strawberry Pies. But ofcourse it can also be used to decorate the walls.

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