Soul Snow and Thick Soul Snow

Soul Snow (left) & Thick Soul Snow (right)

Soul Snow is a block added by the Soul Forest Mod. Is almost identical to the Thick Soul Snow, but has a very clear difference: you can walk and fall through the block. As you can't look through the block it i very difficult to see which are the Soul Snow blocks and which are the Thick Soul Snow blocks.


Soul Snow can be used to craft Ice Bricks, together with Thick Soul Snow, Frozen Rods and Frost Shards.


Soul Snow only spawns in the Frost Caves Biome in the Soul Forest Dimension, which makes that biome a very dangerous biome. You might just fall down a long way as theres suddenly a very little ground underneath the Soul Snow Blocks. Soul Snow is the 1e layer of blocks on a platform from haflway up the dimension and only appears to spawn halfway up the dimension.

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