Tin Ingot

Tin Ingot

Tin Ingot is used to create tier 0 tools and armour (same tier as wood or gold) but it is a bit better.

You can obtain Tin Ingots by smelting a Tin Ore in a regular furnace.


The main purpose of Tin Ingots is the crafting of bronze, as bronze is one tier higher then tin. A Bronze Ingot can be crafted in a regular crafting table combining 1 Tin Ingot with 1 Copper Ingot (Shapeless), you will then get 2 Bronze Ingots.

Even though you can easily craft Bronze Ingots using tin, tin can also be crafted into its own set of tools (before release 1.8 Tin Armour & Tin Sword are still in the Soul Forest Mod).

To craft a Tin Shovel, Tin Hoe, Tin Axe or Tin Pickaxe (or a Tin Sword aswell in the pre-1.8 Soul Forest Mod versions) you can just use the regular crafting recipes but instead of a normal "Iron Ingot" you use a Tin Ingot.

In pre-1.8 Soul Forest Mod you can also still craft a Tin Armour, to do that you also use the regular crafting recipe of every armour piece but instead of "Iron Ingots" you use Tin Ingots.

Last but not least you can also craft Tin Blocks by combining 9x Tin Ingots in a regular crafting table.

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